Clarkston, Michigan, US
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2020-09-28 01:24:39

About This Center

Clarkston Specialty Healthcare Center in Clarkston, MI is a 120-bed center offering a variety of individualized, health care services for our patients and residents. We are seeking a qualified and committed team member to join our efforts in providing quality care in all aspects of the patient journey. Please consider the following team member opportunity and apply today!


We recognize that the most critical link in providing quality care for our residents is in the role of nursing assistants. Because of this, we are committed to providing an orientation, mentoring, and skill development process for new nursing assistants that provides a smooth transition to their new job and helps them quickly become a part of the team.

A critical element to this program is the position of the Nursing Assistant Mentor (NAM). Nursing Assistant Mentors are experienced and accomplished certified nursing assistants (Resident Care Specialist) who serves as peer mentors for new Resident Care Specialist, helping them to quickly learn how to be successful in their new role.

Essential Functions

  • Performs all functions and responsibilities of a Resident Care Specialist
  • Provides orientation and guidance to newly hired Resident Care Specialists on specific resident care routines and individualized residential care.
  • Serves as the subject matter expert for ADL accuracy, training new hires how to document, and providing additional training as needed.
  • Provides non-resident services as necessary and required, while mentoring the new Resident Care Specialists in the performance of these tasks by the demonstration of effective and acceptable techniques.
  • Provides orientation and guidance in the proper performance of the following tasks:
  • Rounds on assigned residents in accordance with established procedures to include reviewing ADL reports for accuracy and completion along with the nurse manager

  • Promptly communicates any significant change in behavior or condition to supervisor.

  • Assess and documents new hire productivity and performance. Makes recommendations and provides feedback as required and necessary.
  • Provides ongoing support and guidance to new hires beyond formal mentoring as needed throughout the 90-day introductory period.
  • Actively participates in recruitment and interview processes for Resident Care Specialist candidates.
  • Participates in various committees or work teams (e.g. Employee Experience) as requested.
  • Provides information and periodic guidance about the Care Connection (e. g. Points earnings and redemption)
  • Fulfills all essential duties and responsibilities in absence of mentoring assignments.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience

  1. Current and valid certification as a certified nursing assistant.
  2. Minimum of three (3) years experience as a certified nursing assistant.
  3. Minimum of one (1) year experience as a Resident Care Specialist in a SavaSeniorCare affiliated facility.
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